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Company Secretary – Private Company

Hong Kong Company Secretary Services

According to Section 154(1B) of Chapter 32 of the Companies Ordinance, a director of a private company with only one director cannot also serve as the company secretary. If your company faces this issue, our company secretary services can provide a solution for you.

Our company secretary services include:

- Acting as the company secretary
- Preparation and submission of annual returns (excluding government fee of HK$105)
- Preparation and submission of relevant documents and forms for the following situations:
  - Appointment or change of director and secretary details
  - Change of registered address
  - Change of company name (excluding government fee of HK$295)

Pay-per-use company secretary services

Pay-per-use services include the following items, but are not limited to:

- Amendment of the company's articles of association
- Preparation of notices and minutes for annual general meetings
- Preparation of special and ordinary resolutions
- Addition of share capital

The fees for these services will depend on individual circumstances and needs. They will be proposed after preliminary consultation and assessment.

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